In addition to resources listed here, there are quite a number of Kundalini support and discussion mail lists on the Internet. Searches on Google and Yahoo should turn up many of them.

Living Spirit Foundation

Living Spirit Foundation is a spiritual organization in conjunction with and church dedicated to sharing the Truth of peace, love and unity for all beings. We share and distribute the teachings of Solomae Sananda, a Self-realized Spiritual Teacher, who shares the message of Divine union through spiritual teachings and energetic transmission.

The Halls of Reiki

The Halls of Reiki consists of four wings with many rooms containing extensive information on Reiki, as well as hundreds of links to other
Reiki, Metaphysical, New Age, Spiritual and Alternative Healing sites.

Site devoted to the work of Gopi Krishna

Gopi Krishna underwent a very powerful Kundalini awakening which is described in his books

In Search of The Sacred Self

Christ oriented Web site that explores the relation of Jesus' message to awakening of the spirit in the individual

Kundalini Gateway
This expansive site features a variety of Kundalini resources, including the original Kundalini-L archives indexed (to El Collie's Signs and Symptoms List) so visitors can find immediate info and help specific to their Kundalini experiences. (Still under construction.)

Kundalini Research Network
P.O. Box 1150
Cupertino, CA 95015
(408) 257-6241

KRN's main focus is research; they also sponsor annual symposiums with guest speakers discussing various aspects of the Kundalini process. 

Kundalini Research Foundation

P.O. Box 22248
Darien, CT 06820

Founded by Gene Kieffer and Gopi Krishna in 1971 to encourage a scientific exploration of evolutionary energy and spiritual unfoldment. 

Institute for Consciousness Research

I.C.R. is a non-sectarian group whose main purpose is to foster public awareness of Kundalini. They believe this energy to be the divine guiding force behind mankind's continuing evolution towards higher dimensions of consciousness and, as such, the mechanism responsible for all extraordinary talents, intuition, genius, inspiration, and spiritual illumination.

Spiritual Emergence Service

Vancouver, BC, Canada

A non-profit organization, SES provides information for people undergoing psycho-spiritual crises: spiritual awakening, psychic opening, near-death experiences, spirits, possession and other kinds of altered states of consciousness. We can refer to therapists competent in these areas. Phone (604) 687-4655 or email

Kundalini: Network & Information
c/o Dorte Lorentzen
Fuglebjergvej 10 A, Nr. Herlev
DK-3400 Hillerod

This group provides information and support for individuals undergoing Kundalini awakening. It includes cofounder Else Johansen's brief Kundalini autobiography and a list of Kundalini signs and symptoms (some additional to those on the Shared Transformation list).

Kundalini Network & Information

This Scandinavian site is similar to the previous site and offers an expansive list of Kundalini literature and tapes. e-mail address

Kundalini Resource Center

Created in September 1995, the KRC Web site is maintained by Bill Peay. It features personal experience stories, techniques for awakening Kundalini, and related information.

Kundalini Network

This Netherlands site for the Kundalini Network in Utrecht offers information on
Kundalini, spiritual development and healing as well as listing local contact people who
work with Kundalini.

Oregon Spiritual Emergence Network

P.O. Box 10513
Eurgene, OR 97440
(541) 998-4860

OSEN is a referral service whose list of skilled practitioners throughout the state of Oregon have an understanding of Kundalini, out-of-body, psychic awakening and other transpersonal experiences. 

What Is Kundalini? 
An articulate, concise overview of Kundalini transformation provided by the Institute for Consciousness Research, a non-sectarian group whose main purpose is to foster awareness of Kundalini.

Danger: High Voltage
El Collie's warning of the pitfalls of the process to anyone seeking to awaken the Serpent Power

Kundalini Crisis -- What to do?

Subtitled "A brief guide for the perplexed," by Yogi Tom, provides useful tips for navigating the rough waters of spiritual awakening.

Features of a Kundalini Rising
A brief explanation of the various types of non-ordinary experiences which can occur with active Kundalini (from Patanjali Kundalini Yoga Care)

Clarifying Traditional Kundalini Science
Information which dispels myths and popular misunderstandings about Kundalini (from Patanjali Kundalini Yoga Care)

 On The Lightning Path by Craig Calquist, M.S.
A very insightful, introspective article about the Kundalini journey.

Diary of Awareness, Kundalini and Life
An extraordinarily deep, original, and well-articulated view of spiritual awakening by Roger Hamstra. 25 pages long, but worth reading in its entirety!

Awakening to the Obvious
A tale of personal awakening by Mark Canter, including the God/Self enlightenment experience that some of us have directly experienced.

Kundalini Rising
Jesa Macbeth has divided this into two informative sections, one describing her Kundalini experience. The other, "Kundalini Rising & Spiritual Healing," offers excellent advice for working with clients who have risen Kundalini.

Kundalini: a personal approach
Phil Hine's "neuromagical" exploration of Kundalini from a synthesized scientific/occult perspective. Extremely well written.
A web magazine with an interesting article describing the experience of someone who deliberately raised his Kundalini.

Epiphany: Gift of Light
Metta Zetty describes her spontaneous awakening experience. This is a beautiful example of the legendary expansion of consciousness which occurs when Kundalini rises. Realizations of this sort may also precede the more classic signs of awakened Kundalini. El experienced the renowned God/Self "enlightenment" twenty-years before her Kundalini became fully active.

Christ and the Kundalini
A well-written synthesis of mystical Christian, Gnostic, Eastern, Jungian and other references to explain the correlation between Kundalini awakening and the teachings of Christ.

Recovery by Discovery
Michael Foster's short personal narrative of his spiritual journey, which he calls "Christian Kundalini"

WaterMark Publications
Patricia Anne Bloise, author of the book Dancing with the Serpent: Diary of Madness, discusses the connection between Bi-Polar disorder and Kundalini

Kundalini Manifestations, the Lucid-Dreaming, and Out-of-Body Experiences This site, composed by Sirley Marques Bonham, Ph.D., is just what it sounds like. (It may also be read in Portuguese.)

Kundalini Awakens
Ruth Trimble's interpretation of her awakening, explaining some of the Hindu perspective of Kundalini

1996 Digests
An archive of posts to the early Kundalini list, including personal experience stories and a wide range of relevant topics.
Useful pages with information about Kundalini awakening, including additional signs and symptoms of the process.

Kundalini Flow
A blend of accurate and debatable Kundalini info. I.e., it claims that Kundalini-induced heart attacks are common. We've never heard this before, but IT IS common during heart chakra openings to experience symptoms similar to heart attack without physical damage to the body.

Kundalini Support and Guidance
This is the contact site for Bonnie Greenwell, Ph.D., author of Energies of Transformation, one of the most comprehensive texts on Kundalini we have found. Her web pages offer useful Kundalini info and personal counseling/teaching services.

Patanjali Kundalini Yoga Care
Joan Shivarpita Harrigan, Ph.D., offers spiritual guidance services and Kundalini info from the traditional yogic perspective. Dr. Harrigan is well known in the U.S. Kundalini community.

Mirror of India
Nicely done brief introduction to India's Kundalini mythology

Center for Transpersonal Studies and Development
Cofounded by Byron Metcalf and Shawn E. Cardinal, the Center offers counseling and a safe, supportive environment to assist people experiencing spiritual emergence or crisis.

 Nine Gates Mystery School
Drawing from multiple traditions, Nine Gates helps people with Kundalini to process the energy.  To read some classical Kundalini case histories, see the section titled "If You Have Symptoms, Don't Think You Are Sick."

Overpowering Kundalini Experiences
Dr. James W. Weldon, author of the book "The Revelations of Ho," describes his phenomenal Kundalini experiences

Kundalini Crisis, Spiritual Highs, and Enlightenment 
Speaking from his personal experiences with Kundalini, Mark Leigh believes that the pursuit of a "spiritual high" creates imbalances in the system.  His web site elaborates his theory.

El Collie and C. Kress comment:  We think there may be some validity to Mark's ideas but we don't share his view that ALL Kundalini difficulties are the result of striving for transcendent experiences.  Some of the people in whom Kundalini has risen were atheists at the time, and many who had awakenings out of the blue were not in search of spiritual "highs" or doing practices like yoga, meditation, or anything else known to stimulate Kundalini.  At the time of El's spontaneous awakening, the main passions in her life were literally down to earth: gardening, art, writing and carpentry!  We believe that all of life is a spiritual journey and we don't consider mystical experiences more important or more holy than other life experiences.

Crop Circle Formations as Chakras
Joseph Mason is researching the connection between Kundalini, chakras and crop circles in heralding a great world change.  Like many others, he believes that humanity is nearing a leap to the Heart chakra level of consciousness.

Fractal Images by Sharon Webb

A gallery of spectacular visionary art which includes a mystical rendering of Kundalini

Non Mainstream Psychotherapy and Counselling Resources on the Internet This site offers links to a veritable smorgasbord of alternative modalities -- therapies, practitioners, organizations, support groups, mailing lists, etc. -- many of which could be valuable resources for anyone dealing with spiritual emergence and Kundalini.